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beaded weft

This method is the latest craze in the hair extension world today. They are super easy as the client to have installed and maintained, and they can create so many different looks. What is so great is that there is no sticky tape residue or glue needed to install. This method is created using some beads, string, and weft hair; I use silicone lined beads to create a U shape halo track around your head (usually 2-3 rows are added for a full head - 1 row for those just looking for some volume no length) - I then sew then the extensions to that track and Voila! Maintenance appointments are a 1 day appointment.

hair life span

6-12 Months

maintenance schedule

5-7 week reinstallation

application time

1.5-3 hours


This method is installed strand by strand and does not use heat or adhesive to attach. The clients natural hair is looped through a copper-flared bead, which then also receives the strand of extension through it. The bead is then clamped shut, attaching the extension strand to the natural hair. I-tip extensions are water proof and heat resistant making them very easy to wash and have maintained. Maintenance is a 1 day appointment.

hair life span

6-12 Months

maintenance schedule

4-6 week reinstallation

application time

2-4 hours


This method is installed strand by strand, fusing the tip of the extension to the natural hair. The tip of the strand is made up of a keratin material which mimics the natural protein found in our hair. The tip is melted and formed around the natural hair at the root, creating a sealed bond. These extensions are worn for 3-4 months and then new hair is purchased to start again. There is no maintenance in between the installation and removal (unless the client experiences matting or an unforeseen issue has taken place)

maintenance schedule

Must be fully redone every 3-4 months

application time

2-4 hours


Can take up to 1-3 hours depending on variables

additional services


starting at $60

women's cut


partial highlight

starting at $150

full highlight

starting at $200

full colour



starting at $60


starting at $250

weft removal


tape removal

$100/hr *min 1 hr

k-tip removal

$125/hr *min 1 hr

I-tip removal

$100/hr *min 1 hr

styling | with extensions

starting at $50

styling | without extensions

starting at $40


starting at $40

root smudge on extensions

starting at $65

braid add-ons

starting at $10+

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